Residence 3

With the site like a ‘Niche,’ the house sits in its midst as a ‘Lamp,’ that sits in the niche and illuminates what is around it. As a Reflective Faculty it questions beyond a natural progression, the complementing interference of man in nature.You can feel these faculties further stimulated through Light, Form, Materials and the Environment that surrounds them.

The visitor is immediately able to experience; past the limestone clad niches and masses, a welcoming feeling of warmth through the integration of spaces with the exterior

The layout of the house is such that while it gives privacy to all built areas, yet there is a lot of breathing space to make it a contemplative environment. The spaces are organized along the cardinal axis. The house looks outwards mostly toward North and East with views capturing a clear glimpse of the Margalla mountains and the sunrise. The West side of the house has a lot fenestrations by way of numerous trees from other houses and climatic factors.


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Building 4-B, First Floor, F-7 Markaz, Bhittai Road, 
Islamabad, Pakistan

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