Jazz Corporate Offices


Jazz EFU Building Lahore

Total Area: 45000 sqft                        Duration: 6 months

Jazz EFU Building was completely revamped under the new vision set by the company. An open working space was designed, breaking up the hierarchy of a traditional office environment into an interactive co-working one.

The modern corporate space is designed along clean minimal lines with pops of colors which make a statement for the brand. Breakout and working spaces combine to create a refreshing and energetic environment.
The café has been designed as a versatile space, it may be used to work, and host casual meetings, away from the office environment. A focus on the industrial aesthetic has been maintained, while using finishes which compliment the brand’s image.

Jazz Digital Headquarters-Café Islamabad

Total Area: 8000 sqft                           Duration: 40 days

Keeping in mind the café space and functionality and the brand recognition factors, the holistic approach to  design is achieved by floor and ceiling treatment, furniture, texture and colors.

 Architects.Planners. Interior Designers.

Building 4-B, First Floor, F-7 Markaz, Bhittai Road, 
Islamabad, Pakistan


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